Krzeszowice District Hike 2016 – attempt no. 2

The Krzeszowice District Executive Committee invites all cubs, brownies, scouts, guides and leaders for the District Hike of 2016! It happens on the 10sup>th and the 11rd of December in Alwernia and costs 35 PLN. A transport, dinners on Saturday and Sunday, an accommodation, an insurance and tickets are included. We are leaving Krzeszowice in the morning and we are travelling via Tenczynek and Zalas by bus. We will be back after the celebrations of the Peace Light of Bethlehem in Cracow around 730-800 PM.

Please take with you:

  • breakfast and supper meals
  • the school card
  • an uniform
  • a foam mattress
  • a sleeping bag
  • a waterproof jacket

Enrollment time has passed.