Full name of our group is the 13th Tenczynek West Slavs’ Scout and Guide Group “the Black Thirteen”. It is a small group belongs to the Gray Ranks Krzeszowice District in the Cracow Region. Our scoutroom is located in the same building as the health centre in Tenczynek. Weekly meetings are usually carry out there, but if only weather allows, leaders organize activities for cubs, brownies, scouts and guides outside, ex. in the nearby forest or playground. The leadership team is very devoted to develop and improve their pupils’ skills, all of our events are directed to fulfill every needs of young person.


Our group offers enjoyment for children of all ages beginning from 6 years. It is devided to three units: the pack for cubs nad brownies, the troop for scouts and guides between 10 and 13 year old and the unit for those, whose age is between 13 nad 16 years. There are: the 33rd Pack “Adventurers”, the 44th Troop “Eagles” and the 49th Unit “Vistula Veneti” accordingly. All details concerning structure of the Black Thirteen can be found in subpages regarding specific unit or in their webpages.


The West Slavs are Slavic people speaking West Slavic languages. These are the current Slovaks, Czechs, Kashubians, Poles and Sorbs. Historicly, the first independent West Slavic states originate beginning in the 7th century, with the Empire of Samo, the Principality of Moravia, the Principality of Nitra and Great Moravia. The central Polish tribe of the Polans created their own state in the 10th century under the Polish duke Mieszko I. For many centuries Poland has had close ties with its western neighbors, with the Polish ruler Bolesław I the Brave declared by Holy Roman Emperor Otto III as Brother and Partner in the Empire.


Happy International Women’s Day!

We would like to wish all the best for all women around the world. Let this day last forever!

🎄 Merry Christmas! 🎄

We send our warmest Christmas greetings to everyone! Let this time allow you to relax a little bit with joy with a group of loved ones and we wish you only the most wonderful and […]

Saint Nicholas Day

We would like to invite you to the Saint Nicholas Day Group’s Event, that is going to be held on the 8th of December from 6.30 PM to 8.30 PM. We will spend this time […]

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Executive Committee

Agnieszka Piórko

group leader

Krzysztof Mitka

assistant commissioner for the financial affairs

Joanna Krajcarz

assistant commissioner in charge of human resource management
Whole leadership team
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What do we do?

Here are a couple of our activities we take part in or organize:

  • Summer camp of the Krzeszowice District / the Black Thirteen Group
  • Winter camp of the Black Thirteen
  • Olga Drahonowska-Małkowska Tourist Raid
  • Kupala Night event in Tenczynek
  • Cracow Region Day
  • Festivities to celebrate World Thinking Day
  • nauguration of the scout year
  • and many, many else…